Who am I?

I am a licensed broker in Oregon and a certified Earth Advantage Broker and ADU Specialist. I focus on North and East Portland as a representative for buyer clients as well as investors. I have extensive knowledge of the Portland rental market and the drastically evolving landscape of landlord-tenant laws. Sustainability in real estate is a core value in my practice, cycling is just one pillar of sustainability that adds value to my perspective of Portland, my business, and my lifestyle. Welcome to RideOnRealEstate.com, let's get to work!

Why work with me?

My passion is advocacy. The combination of my decade of experience as a social services provider as well as over a year of advocating for both tenants and property owners in Portland's rental market, I am armed with the skills it takes to support you.

I have lived Portland for a decade, and as an avid cyclist, I am intimately familiar with the neighborhoods that make Portland unique.

How I get it done

My top strengths are resolution and adaptability.


I thrive on "fix it" scenarios that challenge me to be creative, solve problems, and find the best possible outcome. As a human, partner, community member, and business owner, adaptation allows me to grow and serve as my best self. Each real estate transaction requires a great deal of resolution and adaptability, and I look forward to bringing both to work for you!