Kelcy King


LICENSED BROKER in the great state of OREGON

About Kelcy

Why work with me?

My passion is advocacy. The combination of my decade of experience as a social services provider as well as over a year of advocating for both tenants and property owners in Portland's rental market, I am armed with the skills it takes to support you.

I have lived Portland for a decade, and as an avid cyclist, I am intimately connected with our city's neighborhoods and culture, giving you a unique and valuable perspective.

How I get it done

My top strengths are resolution and adaptability.


I thrive on "fix it" scenarios that challenge me to be creative, solve problems, and find the best possible outcome. As a human, partner, community member, and business owner, adaptation allows me to grow and serve as my best self. Each real estate transaction requires a great deal of resolution and adaptability, and I look forward to bringing both to work for you!

My Super Power

Finding the quickest route from A to B via bike, my brain is better than Google Maps for cyclists!

Looking to purchase in Portland?

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How do you know that I know the market?

I am immersed daily in Portland's East Side rental market. From St. Johns to Woodstock, I know each neighborhood intimately. I know you are curious, yes, I do all leasing activity by bike! This means that I know the ins and outs of each neighborhood, what is listed and what has sold. 

I have access to the greatest team in Portland at Latitude Realty. Together there is nothing we haven't seen. We have all the tips and strategies you could hope for for your purchase or sale. 

Team up with me! 

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2109 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97214



By appointment. Let's meet for coffee, a snack, or a beer! I am very mobile and love to revisit past haunts and learn about new spots. Show me your favorite!